The Alpha Gal Allergy Blog Page

November 20, 2014

Good Morning & Welcome To The Alpha Gal Allergy Blog Page

Currently it’s 25 degrees on Long Island, NY and I’m still drinking Venti Iced soy chai’s, thank goodness for drive thru Starbucks. Whoever invented drive through its genius. So I wanted to start this blog page to talk about my own personal experience’s with this nuisance of an allergy, and I would like to hear from anyone suffering with the Alpha Gal allergy, meat, dairy or any allergy, even if you are looking to eat healthier and loose weight I want to hear from You. I will try to post on this page at least once a week. So yesterday I had a meeting at my youngest daughters school (she has a learning disability) and the night before I forgot to take my allergy pill (I can’t stand taking theses pills, its like taking a sleeping pill) and don’t you know in the middle of the meeting I started to break out my hands got bright red and I started to feel itchy. Its funny how missing just one dose and it looks like I have a really bad sunburn. I don’t mind having the whole alpha gal meat & dairy allergy, but having the slightest amount of stress triggering a break out Come On Already!!!! My allergist says they haven’t linked stress with the alpha gal allergy, Well my conclusion is having alpha gal and stress don’t mix and you will break out. Is there anyone out there suffering with the same issue? I would love to hear your experiences and what you’ve done to alleviate this issue. Well that’s it for now, have a spiftacular day.